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    Welcome to the official website of Anhui Hengyuan Food Machinery Co., Ltd.!
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    Product name:Automatic production line of Hand grab cake, Naan bread, Shallot pancake, Laccha paratha

    Update time:2019-9-3 15:53:17

    product details

    Production Process:

    Dough conveying – pressing and thinning – made into dough strips - stretching – made into dough sheet - automatic oiling (above and bottom)- automatic sprinkling chopped shallot - automatic rolling dough – cutting the dough- automatic rolling and forming—shape into dough ball--- film lamination

    Machine size: 

    Size:25,160 x1,600 x1,640  mm

    power: 32KW

    Capacity: 2100-6300 pcs/h

    Finished food: 



    Machine details:

    Our company:

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